Bob's Favorite Tonewood

Bob Taylor knows a thing or two about acoustic guitar tone, so it really means something when he says that his favorite tonewood of all time is koa. When you look at the beautiful grain patterns on Taylor’s koa series guitars and hear their sweet voices sing out, it’s tough to disagree! But, don’t just take Bob’s word for it: koa is so beautiful that, in the late 1700s, Hawaiian King Kamehameha declared it illegal for anyone but the royal family to possess it! Of course, that soon changed, and Hawaiians built everything out of koa: traditional umeke bowls, tools, fences, canoes, and even the first surfboards!

Somewhere along the way, somebody discovered it was a marvelous tonewood for instruments, too. Ever since, koa’s sparkling, chiming highs, warm midrange response, and sculpted low-end have brought delight to guitar players all over the world. It provides fantastic note separation, and it is quite dynamic and responsive to player input. And, it projects like nobody’s business!

But, to focus on koa’s tone right as it comes out of the box is to miss half the story, because Taylor’s koa series guitars sound better and better the more you play them. Their overall voice opens up, their midrange becomes richer with warm overtones, their high end becomes more lush and crystalline, and their bass response deepens. So, even though these guitars sound gorgeous today, they’ll be even more amazing down the road if you invest enough playing time in them.

Perhaps that is why koa is Bob Taylor’s favorite wood: it grows and changes over time with its owner, and it encourages you to play more. Not to mention, it looks fit for an art gallery. We’re proud to showcase these beautiful guitars that grow with you as you play, and we hope you find a koa series Taylor that inspires you to reach new heights on your fretboard journey.

An Adirondack Love Story

Here at Wildwood Guitars, we love both Taylor Guitars and Adirondack spruce with the intensity of a thousand suns. Naturally, we sought to bring these two great loves together, so asked Taylor to build us some guitars with Adirondack bracing. Because they're swell people that love chasing tone, our friends at Taylor obliged us. We are proud to present the fruits of our collaboration: the Wildwood Adirondack series. Once you pick up one of these supercharged tone monsters, we think you'll quickly understand why Taylor and Adirondack spruce are a potent combo.

We love Taylors for obvious reasons, but you might not be as familiar with Adirondack spruce. So, why are we so gaga over this particular tonewood? Well, Adirondack spruce imparts a bunch of sonic characteristics that tickle our eardrums. Guitars with Adirondack bracing tend to have a woody, articulate attack that is pleasantly percussive. They also have full-bodied midrange response and tons of headroom.

Condition Report

This 2012 Wildwood Adirondack Taylor is in marvelous shape. It only shows light playwear from normal use with a bit more around the pickguard area. It comes with its original hardshell case, too!


Brand Used
Model2012 Taylor Wildwood Adirondack K66ce
TypeGrand Auditorium
Top WoodSolid AA-Grade Koa
Top FinishGloss
BracingAdirondack with Relief Rout
Back & Sides WoodSolid AA-Grade Koa
Back & Sides FinishGloss
Neck WoodTropical Mahogany
Neck Dimensions.830 1st - .870 9th
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Fingerboard InlaysIsland Vine
Scale Length25.5"
Nut Width1 7/8"
Nut MaterialBone
BindingIndian Rosewood
RosetteRosewood/Maple Single-Ring
ElectronicsExpression System 2
TunersTaylor Gold
CaseHardshell Case
Stock CodeAK01104211000180048

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