Sonic Evaluation

Vintage Martins always send a chill up my spine, and this particular serial is absolutely divine. It exhibits many of the most sought-after characteristics of vintage Martins: warm midrange, thumping bass, three-dimensional highs, superb balance, excellent note separation, and a round, piano-like attack. Overall, it has a woody, warm, dry voice that produces a ridiculously strong fundamental. This '47 00-18's round, even attack and impeccable clarity make it a fingerstyle player's dream. But, it will also delight flatpickers in search of punchy, midrange-forward tone. This 00-18 is an absolutely wonderful guitar, and it would make a lovely addition to any vintage acoustic aficionado's quiver.

Condition Report

This wonderful-sounding 00-18 has accumulated some wear over its seven-plus decades on Earth, but the good news is that most of it has been repaired. It has been re-fretted, and it is likely that the neck has been reset. There are a few cracks on the top that have been repaired, and there are two cleats inside. Several braces have repaired cracks, and so does the pickguard. The bridge plate, bridge pins, saddle, and nut have all been replaced. The tuners look original, but they are quite shiny, so we're not entirely sure if they're vintage reproductions or the real McCoy. There has also been some light touch-up work on the finish in a few spots. Finally, there is one top crack that has not been repaired. If you don't mind that this guitar has undergone some surgery, you can snag a marvelous vintage Martin for a great value!


Brand Vintage
Model1947 Martin 00-18
Top WoodSolid Sitka Sprue
Back & Sides WoodSolid Mahogany
BindingFaux Tortoiseshell
Neck WoodMahogany
Neck ShapeV Profile
Neck Dimensions1st .910 - 9th 1.010
Neck JointDovetail
Fretboard MaterialSolid Black Ebony
Scale Length25.4"
Nut Width1 11/16"
Nut MaterialOriginal Ivory
RosetteStyle 18
BridgeSolid Black Ebony Belly
Bridge String Spacing2 1/8"
TunersOpen-Gear Nickel
CaseOriginal Hardshell

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