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All Hail the King of the Flat-Tops

Wildwoodians, we are proud to present the SJ-200 Vintage, a spectacular instrument that pays tribute to the Super Jumbo's storied history. Ever since 1937, the SJ-200 has been the king of the flat-tops, and it has ruled over every genre from arena rock to old-time country. Its enduring popularity in a wide variety of musical styles is a testament to its timeless design and spectacular sound.

From Cowboy Chords to Classic Rock

Originally, Gibson designed the SJ-200 for singing cowboys like Ray Whitley that needed to project over a full band. In the thirties, primitive public address systems offered little in the way of sound reinforcement beyond boosting the vocals. So, acoustic guitars had to be big and loud to be heard live! Thus, the king of the flat-tops was born.

Many of the same qualities that made the SJ-200 a favorite of singing cowboys have made it a desirable guitar for recording, live use, and general music-making merriment. Spruce and maple are a delightful pair of tonewoods, and they work wonders together as part of a jumbo body. Spruce is a balanced, bright, clear-sounding tonewood, and maple adds high-end chime and cut. Two woods with such bright timbres could easily sound thin together, but the jumbo body size ensures that the SJ-200 still puts out plenty of warm, rich low-end to balance out the sonic equation. So, you get a supremely articulate acoustic that projects like nobody's business while maintaining excellent balance and rich harmonic response!

Players the world over fell in love with the SJ-200's spectacular tonality. It records like a dream (listen to "Pinball Wizard" by The Who, "Black Mountain Side" by Led Zeppelin, or "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles for proof), and its regal sound cuts through a mix like a wooden Ginsu. Nevertheless, it provides a solid foundation for other instruments to build upon.

Serious Vintage Vibe

The SJ-200 Vintage is basically Gibson's attempt to take this classic model and maximize all of its best qualities. By using thermally-aged Adirondack spruce for the top, the acoustic wizards at Gibson Montana ensured that the SJ-200 Vintage sings out with a voice unlike any other jumbo on the planet. Thermal aging any type of wood gives the guitar a warmer, woodier vintage-style tonality, but it works special magic with Adirondack spruce. Adirondack spruce is a favorite among the Wildwood staff because it gives acoustic guitars a boost in articulation and headroom. The vintage-style VOS nitro finish that allows for maximum resonance, too.

So, Gibson's vintage treatment allows these SJ-200s to sound warmer, clearer, and fuller than ever before! We are proud to showcase the SJ-200 Vintage because we believe exemplifies all the classic elements of Gibson jumbo acoustic sound and vibe. Give it a strum, and we're sure you'll see why it deserves its crown as king of the flat-tops!


Brand Gibson
ModelSJ-200 Vintage
Finish ColorVintage Sunburst
Finish TypeVOS Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Top WoodThermally Aged Adirondack Red Spruce
BracingTraditional Scalloped "X"
Back & Sides WoodMaple
Neck WoodMaple
Neck JointDovetail secured w/Hide Glue at 14th fret
Neck Dimensions.820 1st - .880 9th
Fretboard MaterialRosewood
Fingerboard Radius12"
Fingerboard InlaysMother-of-Pearl Crown Inlay
Scale Length25.5"
Width at Nut1.725"
Nut MaterialBone
RosetteMulti-ply double ring w/ bound rosette
BridgeRosewood w/ Mother-of-Pearl Bars
TunersRelic Gold Gotoh
PickguardTraditional SJ-200
CaseBrown Hardshell Case

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