Spirit of '67

Much ado has been made about the way the Gibson Flying V flopped when it first came out in 1958; after all, only 98 ever shipped before Gibson discontinued the model! That most likely would have been the end of the Flying V's story had an airline not lost Dave Davies's main guitar when he journeyed across the pond to tour the Kinks' latest record in America. He scored a Flying V for sixty bucks and played it on TV a couple times, then decided he liked it enough to pose with it on the cover of The Kinks' Greatest Hits in 1965. This prompted a resurgence of interest in the Flying V, and Gibson reissued it with a mahogany body and a vibrola tailpiece in 1967, after which it was a runaway success.

Just kidding! The Flying V was still a little too futuristic for the guitar players of the sixties, and the Flying V flopped yet again in '67, making it almost as hard to find as the original '58s. Figuring out how many of these guitars exist is difficult because Gibson didn't keep the best records in the sixties, but one meticulous fellow who runs a website dedicated to these rare birds (which you should visit HERE if you're curious) has attempted to account for all of them, and his best guess is that only 175 were ever made.

Fun fact: Jimi Hendrix owned one of the 175! His legendary "Psychedelic V" was a '67 with a funky paint job.

Shame on all the guitar players of the sixties not named Jimi Hendrix for missing out on a classic for the second time, but their loss is our gain. Because the original '67 Flying Vs are so rare, Gibson has reissued them through the Custom Shop, and the new versions are cooler than Frank Sinatra eating a popsicle in a meat locker!

They have a custom '50s-style large C-shaped neck profile that ranks--at least for me personally--among the most comfortable shapes the Custom Shop has ever created. It's substantial but not overly chunky near the first fret, and it tapers up to a nice fat baseball bat feel up by the twelfth fret. It's the sort of neck I could play for hours without any fatigue, and it's easy to see why blues players favor such a profile: you can really dig into those bends and make the guitar scream high on the neck!

Speaking of screaming, these '67 reissues have bad-to-the-bone tone thanks to their resonant mahogany bodies and their spectacular Custom 'Buckers. They have slightly warmer, rounder tone than their korina brethren, and the electronics bring out the best of each slab of wood.

The bridge Custom 'Bucker gives you the sort of tone that bluesmen and rockers alike dream of. It produces focused, punchy midrange that turns crunchy and biting when you plug into an overdriven amp. The highs scream and wail like they have a hellhound on their tail, and the lows are tight and round; in other words, it provides stinging lead tone and iconic power chord bombast.

I don't use definitive articles lightly, but the neck pickup has THE warm lead tone: thumping bass, woody low-midrange, and righteous 'n' smooth trebles that sing like Etta James! There's also a goodly amount of upper-midrange quack, which contributes to the inspiring vocal quality of the mids. The highs are quite transparent, so you can strum away on open chords and still maintain excellent note separation, too!

The 1967 Flying V is proof that even when you get a second chance, the third time's the charm! After Gibson discontinued the reissues in 1971, they caught on among forward-thinking heavy metal and hard rock guitars, and the Flying V eventually took its deserved spot as a staple in the Gibson lineup. Though the 1967 Flying V may not be as well known as its korina-bodied older brother, it certainly matches the '58 pound-for-pound in terms of vintage vibe and sonic savagery. The Wildwood team celebrates this oft-forgotten chapter of Gibson's history, and we invite you to experience the magic spirit of '67 by sitting down with one of these incredible guitars.

Condition Report

This '67 V is in great shape, though it does show some good, honest play wear. There are light scratches on the pickguard, a few small dings and light scratches sprinkled around the finish, one bigger ding on the top near the strap button and some strap marks on around the back strap button. Beyond that, it looks great, and it comes with its original hardshell case and certificate of authenticity from the Gibson Custom Shop.


Brand Used
Model1967 Flying V Reissue
Finish ColorVintage Sunburst
Weight6.67 lbs
Body WoodMahogany
Neck WoodMahogany
Neck ShapeCustom Neck Profile
Neck Dimensions.830 1st - 1.000 12th
Scale Length24 3/4"
Width at Nut1 11/16"
PickupsCustom Buckers
Controls2 Volume, 1 Tone, 3-Way Switch
TailpieceMaestro Vibrato Tailpiece
CaseGibson Black Hardshell Case

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