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Metro Boomin'

Imagine an enormous wooden statue of a fearsome warrior poised to enter battle. Now imagine this timber soldier coming to life after being animated by two malevolent rock and roll wizards named Grover Jackson and Dave Friedman, then going off to wage war in Valhalla. That will give you an (admittedly impressionistic) picture of how the Friedman Metro-D sounds: an enormous all-powerful vintage entity that packs serious woody wallop.

The Metro-D is Friedman's take on a staple of American guitar design: the set-neck solidbody. Almost every builder makes some variant on this design, and it was only a matter of time before Dave and Grover put their madness-tinged spin on it. Part of what makes the Metro-D extraordinary is its resonant mahogany body. We're sure you'll be as delighted as we are once its rich, punchy, warm, vibrant tone greets your eardrums.

When you bring this beast to life with an amplifier and a little alternating current, you will be astounded at the way these guitars cop vintage-style sounds while remaining wholly unique. It's as if Dave and Grover unearthed a secret stash of vintage guitars no one has ever seen somewhere in the desert outside of Los Angeles and started selling them!

This isn't hyperbole, either; they really do share lots of qualities with vintage instruments. Old guitars tend to have a dry sort of resonance because the moisture in the wood dries up. This makes the guitar speak forcefully with a supremely clear voice, and it also makes them lively and touch-sensitive. Despite their clarity, they often sound bigger to our ears, because they've been "opened-up" by age.

I'm not sure how Grover and Dave managed to imbue these guitars with these characteristics (probably dark magic), but they have succeeded in giving these guitars the sort of spectacular vintage-accurate voice I just described. When you combine this straight-from-the-seventies resonance with the trailblazing tone of alder and maple, you get a punchier, slightly brighter version of the vintage set-neck tone we all know and love.

These Metro-Ds come equipped with plenty of modern features that make life easier for the discerning modern player, too. The electronics are simple and powerful: a slightly-underwound Classic humbucker in the neck for thick, rich sounds and a slightly overwound Classic Plus in the bridge for all the punch and crunch you'll ever need.

The Friedman Metro-D also plays ridiculously fast thanks to its comfortable shape and its 10"-14" compound radius. You can chord easily low on the neck and bend notes with ease up high. Speaking of buttery goodness, each Metro-D also receives a full PLEK setup at the factory to ensure maximum precision during one of the most crucial parts of the setup process: fret-leveling and intonation.

So, there you have it: the Friedman Metro-D is a fitting tribute to the set-neck humbucker-equipped guitars that shaped rock and roll history. They sit within tradition, but they put their own spin on it. They feel familiar and fresh at the same time, and we know they will inspire you to reach tonal Valhalla.


Brand Friedman Amplification
ModelWildwood Exclusive Snakeskin Metro-D
Finish ColorAged Black Snakeskin
Finish TypeNitrocellulose Lacquer
Weight8.10 lbs.
Body WoodMahogany
Neck WoodMahogany
Neck Dimensions.820 1st - .880 12th
Fingerboard Radius10"-14" Compound Radius
Fingerboard InlaysDots
Scale Length25.5"
Pickups1 Classic Humbucker (Neck), 1 Classic+ Humbucker (Bridge)
Controls1 Volume, 3-Way Switch
TunersHipshot Locking
BridgeTonePros Tune-o-matic with Stop Tail
CaseBlack Hardshell Case

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Serial Number: 0319909

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