A Lovely Lap Steel

Behold! A rare treasure from the Wildwood vaults: a Fender Champ that isn't an amp! Back in the '50s, Fender made a run of really cool lap steels that they also called the Champ! This serial's ash body is resonant that when you hit a low note, it practically vibrates right out of your lap (this is a good problem to have--believe me!). It also has the original vintage Fender single-coil, which kicks out plenty of classic Fender tone. Anyone looking for a lap steel with a ton of mojo that doesn't cost a ton of money will love this killer Champ!

Condition of Instrument

This lap steel shows typical vintage wear, and it looks awesome. The G string's tuner is bent, and the black buttons seem like they aren't original, but those are the only cosmetic issues. If you can look past that, this is your chance to snag a sweet lap steel for a great price!


Brand Used
Model1950s Fender Lap Steel Champ
Body WoodAsh
PickupFender Single-Coil w/Black Plastic Cover
Controls1 Tone, 1 Volume
Tuners3-On-a-Plate Klusons w/Black Buttons
CaseOriginal Hardshell Tweed

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Wildwood Pre-Owned
Serial Number: 02888

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