This killer cab is Mesa's take on a traditionally-voiced 2x10” built tough to the Boogie standard. The 2x10 Boogie 23 Open Back Cabinet is an excellent addition to an existing Combo. It is also outstanding as a standalone Cab for a Head or combined with another 2x10 - or any Cab of your choice - to bring classic 10” voicing into the mix in a Stack.

Pairing Suggestions: Recto-Verb Head, Mini Rectifier Head, Mark Five: 25 Head, Mark Five: 35 Head, Mark V Head, JP-2C, Badlander 50 & 100 Heads, Triple Crown 50 & 100 Heads

· Legendary MESA Tone

· Marine grade, Baltic birch plywood construction

· 8 Ohm Cabinet Impedance for optimum flexibility and performance

· Rear-mounted speakers

· Vintage open-back design

· Vintage-inspired construction; designed for tone & portability

· Premium Celestion speakers – Made in the UK specifically for MESA/Boogie

· Paralleled Mono Output Jack

· Built in Petaluma, California, USA

· Slipcover included

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Serial Number: 0.B210.AB.G10

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