The Instruments That Started It All.

There’s nothing quite like a great, vintage instrument; an amazing piece of history, whose image is forever etched into the annals of time. These are the phenomenal instruments that inspired generations, defining moments in music history and cementing the iconic sound of rock ‘n roll. The undeniable impact these instruments made on our industry is still being felt today, with players gravitating towards these iconic instruments for their expressive voices and phenomenal feel. Wildwood Guitars is proud to present it’s own selection of vintage instruments, each one with a story as unique as the musicians whose hands they have passed through. With decades of history and inspiring voices that tell their stories in an unforgettable way, Wildwood Guitars is honored to house these iconic instruments under our own roof to make them available to you, our exceptional customers. Each vintage instrument is carefully selected, sourced from valued members of the Wildwood Family; loving owners who have cherished these instruments and have given them the treatment they deserve. Additionally, every vintage instrument receives the exact same love and care that our new instruments do, ensuring an exceptional experience for our exceptional customers. We invite you to browse our inventory and unlock the legend for yourself.

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