The Wonders of the Wood Library

In a corner on the second floor of the PRS factory, there is a place that contains infinite potential for six-string savagery. Though it may look like a few racks filled with wood (not an uncommon sight in a guitar factory), reverent guitar players the world over speak its name in hushed tones: the Wood Library.

Essentially, the Wood Library is where PRS hands the reins over to Wildwood when it comes to picking wood. They allow us to customize their core line of electrics with whatever woods we want. We hand-select different tops, fingerboards, and bodies to create guitars that are totally unique to Wildwood. Once we pick the wood, our friends at PRS use their wizard-like powers of lutherie and obsessive attention to detail to turn them into some of the coolest instruments we’ve ever laid eyes on.

You might find, say, a semi-hollow McCarty 594 with an artist-grade top and a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, or a SC-594 with a solid Indian rosewood neck and a quilted maple 10-top. The sky is the limit within the Wood Library, and we are always switching things up to create exciting and unique experiences for our customers, so be sure to check back regularly for delightful new offerings. We invite you to browse through our selection of Wildwood-exclusive Wood Library instruments and find one that inspires you.