Bolt-On Beauties

In the mid-eighties, Paul Reed Smith made his name and launched his company by building spectacular set-neck electric guitars. But, in 1988 he decided to diversify a little bit and build a bolt-on guitar to give his customers a different sonic flavor. The resulting guitar–dubbed the Classic Electric, then the CE24–was a runaway hit. It sounded snappy, it was incredibly responsive, and it still had that rich resonance and impeccable build quality that we expect from PRS. And, best of all, it was quite affordable!

The CE24 quickly became a mainstay of the PRS line. After a brief hiatus, it came back better than ever in 2016. Shortly thereafter, it got a new bolt-on buddy in the John Mayer signature model, the Silver Sky. The Silver Sky quickly proved that it could stand toe-to-toe with any vintage SSS instrument, and it became and immediate modern classic.

We invite you take a gander at all our various bolt-on PRS Guitars and find one that speaks to you. They present a different flavor of PRS tone that is sure to inspire you to reach new heights on your fretboard journey!