A Legendary Line Up.

The 2017 Gibson USA Line Up represents the best of both worlds, paying homage to the rich legacy of classic Gibson instruments through the Core T line, while also offering bold, modern counterparts in the updated HP line, showcasing some of the latest and greatest features from the USA factory. From incredible Les Paul Standards, Traditionals, and Studios to SGs, Firebirds and the triumphant return of the ultra-popular Les Paul Classic, the 2017 Gibson USA line up is better than ever, and a phenomenal tribute to some of the greatest instruments of all time. Built to the highest standards with gorgeous, premium tone woods and constructed with time-honored, traditional craftsmanship, the 2017 Gibson USA line up is the perfect choice for an American made instrument rich with legacy and character. The Wildwood Guitars Staff believes that every instrument tells a beautiful story; we invite you to discover the magic and inspiration that comes with an instrument worthy of bearing the Gibson name. Wildwood Guitars is honored to present these phenomenal tributes to some of the most iconic instruments the world has ever known; the 2017 Gibson USA line.