No one would bat an eye if you called the 1959 Les Paul the most legendary vintage guitar of all time. It’s certainly rare enough for one to stake such a claim, since less than 650 were ever made (roughly eight percent of Gibson’s total production that year!). More importantly, they were some of the best-sounding electric guitars ever to grace this ball of dirt and water we call home.

Though they weren’t big sellers at the time (so much so that the model was discontinued briefly in favor of the SG in 1961), 1959 Les Pauls quickly achieved holy grail status among players in the know. Guitarists like Peter Green, Jimmy Page, Ed King, and Paul Kossoff all fell in love with the 1959 Les Paul Standard’s just-right medium C neck profile and its muscular, rich tone. Since so many important players adored their ’59s, its signature tone formed the sonic backbone of dozens of canonical rock records.

Since 2019 marks the sixtieth anniversary of those storied ’59 bursts, we had to team up with our friends at the Gibson Custom Shop to do something really special. We are proud to present the fruits of our collaboration: the Wildwood Spec 60th Anniversary 1959 Les Paul Standard, a guitar that we believe exemplifies the Custom Shop luthiers’ wizard-like mastery over wood and wire.