Unparalleled Access. Extreme Possibilities.

From Alex Lifeson to Tommy Shaw and Rickey Medlocke, the Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Axcess has been a go to for musicians looking for unparalleled fret access and maximum versatility. The Les Paul Axcess features a “heelless” feel, thanks to a sculpted neck heel that allows players full access to the 22nd fret without any barriers. Coupled with an ultra comfortable “belly scarf” and a dynamic Floyd Rose tremolo system, the Les Paul Axcess has modern features that allow players to take their playing to the extreme. Additionally, push/pull pots allow playing to coil tap the dual humbucker format, allowing for authentic single coil tones that add a further layer of versatility. If you’re looking for maximum versatility in a modern package, the Les Paul Axcess will deliver an experience that is simply in a class of it’s own.