The American OG

It’s no secret that the Wildwood Guitars team loves vintage Fenders, so we were absolutely over the moon when we learned about Fender’s new line of American Originals. Classic guitars, classic colors, and classic sound—what’s not to like? Designed with both vintage accuracy and modern convenience in mind, the American Originals feature a bevy of enticing appointments that ultimately make them feel like modernized vintage guitars. They feature period-correct neck shapes married to a modern, flatter 9.5” radius to help make both chording and string-bending easy, vintage tall frets for enhanced playability, and original-era body radii for comfort. Fender’s new Pure Vintage pickups supply old-school Fender tone in spades, and—most importantly—the thin nitrocellulose lacquer finish allows these guitars to breathe and resonate just like a vintage guitar. All of that adds up to one heck of a guitar! The Wildwood team could not be more excited about Fender’s new American Originals, and we know that these legendary guitars will inspire you just as they have inspired thousands of other guitar pickers over the course of their storied history.