By the start of the sixties, the Telecaster had cemented its place as an American icon. Ever the innovator, Leo Fender decided to tweak the already-legendary Tele tone formula by introducing a rosewood fretboard. This new tonewood’s sweet, round-sounding attack provided a delightful new color for discerning player’s palettes, and they took the musical world by storm. These Wildwood 10 1961 Telecasters capture the trailblazing magic of those wonderful sixties Teles by pairing resonant tonewoods with Custom Shop electronics and period-correct neck shapes. But, they also have modern 10″ radii and narrow-tall 6105 frets, so they feel as good in your hands as any modern instrument. We have plenty of colors and finishes with varying levels of relic-ing, and several different neck profiles to choose from, so we invite you to take a gander at our selection of Wildwood 10 1961 Telecasters. We’re sure you’ll find a fun ’61 that inspires you to reach new heights on your fretboard journey!

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