Comfort, Elegance, and Tone

Is there anything better than a beautiful guitar that’s easy to play and sounds amazing? Although you could make an argument for world peace, here at Wildwood we believe the answer is no. That’s why we love the Taylor 900 series so much! Their tone and playability are out-of-this-world, and you only have to scroll down a little bit to see how gorgeous they look. Each 900 series guitar features a host of refined cosmetic appointments that help it look positively regal. On every instrument, koa and paua abalone trim snakes around much of the neck and body, which provides a marvelous contrast to the dark ebony binding. The fretboard also showcases the contrast between dark and light with its pearl and paua inlays against an ebony backdrop. Add in an ebony rosette with paua and koa purfling, and you get the picture of elegant perfection.

Of course, Taylor’s 900 series guitars aren’t just works of art—they’re workhorses, too! They sport an ultra-thin 3.5-millimeter finish to maximize resonance, V-Class bracing for exceptional clarity balance and intonation, and premium tonewoods that maximize sonic horsepower. But, perhaps their most compelling feature is their ebony armrest. You’d be amazed at how much a beveled edge on the bass-side lower bout does to make the playing experience more comfortable. With the Taylor 900 series, arm and shoulder cramps are a thing of the past, so you can jam away to your heart’s content! And, your left-hand gets to experience the glory of Taylor’s famous NT neck profile. So, in other words, the 900 series Taylors are sweet-sounding acoustic speed demons that look fit for royalty!

We’re proud to present the Taylor 900 series, and we invite you to browse our selection to find the delicious morsel of acoustic tone that best suits your palette. We’re sure that you’ll find a guitar that will be an inspiring companion on all your acoustic adventures.