Rosewood Titans

The Taylor 700 series is home to some of the most powerful rosewood titans in the whole wide world of acoustic guitars. One of Andy Powers’s first projects as Taylor’s design guru was to redesign the 700 series, and his enhancements are spectacular. Each 700 series guitar (except for the mighty Grand Pacific, which is a whole ‘nother animal that we’ll get to in a moment) has a host of beautiful understated cosmetic appointments: Douglas fir rosette and edge trim, koa binding, abalone fretboard inlays in Taylor’s new “Reflections” pattern, and a heat-treated wood fiber pickguard. Ultimately, they look earthy yet elegant, and they push the 700 series to a new level of aesthetic greatness.

But, the 700 series guitars aren’t just a collection of pretty faces, because there’s a lot going on underneath the hood to give them maximum sonic horsepower. They all feature Lutz spruce tops, which is an uncommon wood with an incredible voice (so uncommon, in fact, that Taylor was the first manufacturer to use it in a production model guitar, although in-the-know single builders had been using it for a while). Lutz spruce is a hybrid between White spruce and Sitka spruce that only grows in the Alaskan panhandle and central British Columbia, and it exhibits what tonewood experts call “hybrid vigor.” This means that it is as stiff as Sitka spruce, but with the lower density of White spruce. So, 700 series guitars have lots of power, projection, and headroom while remaining responsive and articulate. With the piano-like richness of rosewood, Lutz spruce creates an intoxicating sonic cocktail for your eardrums.

Then, of course, there is the newest addition to the 700 series, the Grand Pacific. Essentially, the Grand Pacific 717 is Andy Powers’s attempt to replicate the sound of the classic vintage dreadnoughts of yesteryear in a modern package, and he has succeeded with flying colors. Each 717 features a torrefied Sitka spruce top for vintage warmth and an asymmetrical neck shape designed to maximize comfort. Sitting down and strumming one makes you feel like you stepped into a classic record, and they are nigh-impossible to put down.

We’re proud to showcase the rosewood titans of the 700 series, and we invite you to browse our selection and find one that speaks to you. Once you do, we’re sure it will be an inspiring companion on all your acoustic adventures.