Sweet Midrange. Vintage Warmth.

The 500 Series focuses on one of the all time classic tone woods: mahogany. Mahogany has always been known for it’s exceptionally rich, focused midrange, along with an unmistakable warmth and compression to the attack. Taylor celebrates this incredible tone wood with the 500 Series, featuring mahogany back and sides with a variety of different top options. These expressive guitars sound like beautiful, vintage instruments with a vocal midrange and warmth that is both expressive and dynamic. Whether you opt for a Western Red Cedar top, which is a singer/songwriters dream, or the classic Sitka Spruce with it’s wonderful highs and ample volume, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with these incredible instruments. We invite you to explore the 500 Series and discover why mahogany has been such an important tone wood in the world of acoustic guitar, and what Taylor has done to take it to the next level!