Solid Wood Sweetness

The other path to sonic Valhalla runs through the mahogany-topped guitars with sapele backs and sides, which have model numbers beginning with “32.” Guitars with mahogany tops put all of the wood’s best characteristics to the forefront. They sound warm, woody, and earthy, and they have plenty of punch. Also, mahogany has a tendency to impart a natural, sweet-sounding brand of compression, which makes mahogany guitars respond to player input in a supremely even, balanced way. The sapele back and sides also impart a bit of extra treble sparkle and midrange focus, which differentiates these Taylors from guitars with the typical all-mahogany construction.

The good news is that there’s no wrong choice when it comes to a Taylor 300 series guitar. They offer the most bang for your buck out of anything in the Taylor lineup. In each 300 series guitar you will find a dependable acoustic companion that plays like butter, records beautifully, rocks the stage, and fills the living room with its powerful resonance. We invite you to take one for a spin and experience the cornucopia of sonic delights they have to offer. Once you do, we know you’ll be inspired to reach new heights in your fretboard journey.