The Gibson J-185 is proof that guitars, like baseball, are a game of inches. When Gibson introduced it in 1951, they intended to offer flat-top lovers a jumbo guitar with a slightly different flavor than the J-200. So, they shortened the scale length from 25.5″ to 24.75″ and made the body slightly smaller. These two changes resulted in a guitar that sounded quite different from the vaunted SJ-200, so let’s take a closer look and examine what makes the J-185 Vintage such a unique and delightful instrument.

The J-185 and the J-200 both have spruce tops and maple back and sides, and they both are bigger than dreadnoughts, but that’s where the similarities end. The biggest difference lies in scale length. The SJ-200’s longer 25.5″ scale makes for superb clarity and headroom when paired with the jumbo body. By contrast, the J-185’s shorter scale makes for a more percussive attack with more note bloom afterwards, and a warmer, woodier timbre overall.

We are proud to show off such inspiring instruments, and we invite you to experience a deep cut from Gibson’s storied history by taking one for a spin. We are sure it will be a steadfast muse on all your acoustic adventures!