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Shem Uses Wildwood Spec Les Paul To Track Guitars for Upcoming CD By THE APEX

It’s hard to describe Shem Von Schroeck…  one of the most magnificent singers we’ve ever heard, a top notch studio musician as a bassist, drummer, guitarist and arranger/producer.  A composer of both pop vocal music and classically inspired scores for film… and believe it or not, a world class opera singer.  He is the kind of musician that makes the weaker musician want to give up…  and the stronger musician want to lock themselves in the woodshed for years.  To top it off, he is one of the warmest people you’ll ever meet, humble, and easygoing.  Shem is tracking guitars (with a Wildwood Spec Les Paul!) for the upcoming CD by THE APEX – a fantastic progressive rock band that we are excited to see hit the music world.  We are pretty excited that our axe has a cameo role in creating this boundary pushing, inspired music.

First, a little video preview/overview from The Apex directly, so you’ll know how cool this CD is going to be:

And now, a wonderful sneak preview of Shem using the Wildwood Spec Les Paul last week!

And in another clip, he tracks bass with sickening soul and dexterity.  We want you to understand the scope of this guy’s talent.  It’s beyond refreshing to hear a musician that plays with such a huge vocabulary and scope of inspiration.  His command of any instrument is something we are very excited about, and eager to share with you.

We recently caught up with Shem at the Kenny Loggins show in Denver.  Seen here is Scott Bernard, Kenny’s guitar player, Shem Von Schroeck in the Bronco’s T-Shirt, Wildwood’s Steve Mesple, and Greg Koch’s drummer (and Kenny’s) Tom Brechtlein.

shem with crew


Lastly, here is a great recent clip of Shem singing “Every Breath You Take” with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra as part of the Rock Tenors program.

We are on the edge of our seats waiting for the launch of THE APEX and their debut CD.  Thanks to Shem for all the years of top notch music and for making us motivated to PRACTICE.