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PRS Guitars Collection Series Event a Huge Success

On the 16th of July many of our favorite Wildwood customers and friends attended an event at the Gatehouse Events Center in Broomfield, CO.  Paul Reed Smith brought world renown guitarists Martin Simpson and Tony McManus along with him to demonstrate the magic that is the PRS Collection Series guitars.  In addition to the amazing electric guitars we’ve come to expect from PRS, this rare live event unveiled the amazing new ACOUSTIC guitars that PRS has recently designed and manufactured.

Walking the aisles with a cordless microphone and all the intentionality of a televangelist, Paul talked about how these acoustic instruments were designed, and how the industry is being ambushed with these ground breaking, innovative guitars.  Paul spoke about how the process of building an acoustic guitar is SUBTRACTIVE – how each ‘thing’ you add to the guitar, glue onto it or otherwise attach to it, hinders the guitar’s natural ability to resonate and produce beautiful tone.  The wood itself is the pure sound source, and Paul’s process strives to let the wood resonate as it instinctively knows how to.

Martin Simpson sang for us and played spellbinding acoustic slide guitar along with more traditional fingerstyle approach.  His stories about his long career as one of England’s top guitarists were received with laughter and gratitude.  His deep wisdom about tunings, songwriting and the soul of a musician reached the room full of fellow players and tone seekers with powerful force.

Tony McManus dazzled us with dry wit and some of the most impressive technical mastery of the acoustic guitar we’ve ever seen.  The room full of acoustic music lovers was noticeably grateful for his trip from Canada for this special night.

The event was well attended by professional and hobbyist photographers, taking a wide range of great shots of the event.  It was gratifying to see everyone responding so viscerally to the power of acoustic music and the magic of great tone.  The Wildwood video team was on site filming and recording the audio of the event so stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of this special event in the future.  We have some great segments in the oven for you!

Thanks again to all who came to this event, and a heartfelt thank-you to Paul, Martin and Tony for sharing their expertise and passion with us.  Explore our PRS Collection Series Acoustic Guitars here.