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New Gibson Acoustic Guitar Videos Featuring Greg Koch

For the last year Wildwood has been feverishly, savagely cranking out HD videos featuring Greg Koch manhandling various electric guitars, including Gibson guitars.  Now, Greg has expanded his malfeasance for Wildwood into the realm of Gibson acoustic guitars as well.  Greg was back here recently unleashing acoustic weaponry of the night on camera.  We always enjoy Greg’s frequent visits to Colorado, full of viscosity and humor as well as great musicality and inspiration.  He hails from “behind the cheddar curtain” in Wisconsin, and visits twice a month for 3 days at a time (local municipal safeguards prohibit longer trips), unleashing his inner beast on around 100 videos each trip to Colorado.

Many of our guitar aficionados across the world have asked just how much coffee it takes to produce the kind of wizardry these videos encapsulate.  Let’s just say that owner Steve Mesple is almost always busy bringing another round of the “nectar of the Gods” to our resident guitar warlord/necromancer.  Sometimes it’s necessary for Greg’s 2 hands to remain on the guitar during emergency caffeination.

There are even Wildwood exclusive acoustic guitars amongst the bunch…  including the Gibson Montana Wildwood New Vintage guitars,  available in Hummingbirds, J-45s, Southern Jumbos, SJ-200s and J-185’s.   All of these models are available in three versions – the Wildwood New Vintage with gloss finish and aged bone nut and saddle, the Wildwood New Vintage all hide glue in gloss finish with aged bone nut and saddle, and the Exotic Wildwood New Vintage with similar specs and extraordinary Indian Rosewood back and sides. For more information on these Wildwood creations please click here.  We feel these are some of the finest sounding Gibson acoustics, and we are honored to have them here at Wildwood.  They reflect our highest aspirations for an acoustic guitar, refined by years of listening to our knowledgeable customers who have been seeking the perfect tonal ingredients.

When it’s all said and done, it’s great fun to be surrounded by incredible musical instruments, lots of strong coffee, and musical geniuses like Greg and all the other wonderful artists featured in our videos.  Stay tuned for more “behind the scenes” updates and features stories here at the new Wildwood BLOG.  Before we sign off, here is a great example of Greg pummeling and caressing a Wildwood New Vintage guitar.