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Dave Beegle Demonstrates Recording Techniques for Electric Guitar (VIDEO TUTORIALS)

All of us have struggled with recording “that special tone” to tape (or to hard disk, these days). Why is it that our guitar rig can sound SO GOOD in the basement, garage or bedroom (or even on stage), but then when you play it back through the speakers or headphones, it SUCKS? Well, a lot of reasons. The options are endless and that can be intimidating – even just selecting your microphone, preamp, compressor or limiter can be a lifelong adventure to get right. Add to that the placement of the microphone, the level of each knob on each piece of gear, and it’s enough to make most of us want to NEVER even attempt to record what we do.

Dave Beegle is a world renowned electric guitarist as well as a critically acclaimed acoustic guitarist, producer and engineer. His website showcases his very diverse and passionate work.  It’s also worth noting that Dave was recently heard saying that if his well loved vintage strat in this picture (that he is inseparable from) ever bit the dust or disappeared, he would most certainly get a Wildwood 10 Strat to replace it.

Dave has been a highly sought after guitarist in the Rocky Mountain region for decades, and his music has reached across the world. Dave was the guitarist and primary composer for the progressive rock trio Fourth Estate, and is credited on countless CD’s as a sideman.

Before we get started with the recording tips, take a moment to listen to Dave’s innovate acoustic “mayhem”.

These “never seen before” videos (below) were shot by our Director of Strategic Marketing (Taylor Mesple) many years back, for a website that was never re-launched (www.Audioracle.com). After a long process Taylor has obtained permission to give Wildwood the opportunity to launch these gems to our dedicated friends in search of great tone. The value of these insights can hardly be estimated. This is guitar recording GOLD! They were before the days of HD technology, but we can’t complain… the educational value overwhelms the technical limitations of the time!  We can call them “vintage” videos, ok?  One video in the series has funky audio but we embrace the whole of what Dave took the time to share with us.  We are appreciative he took time out of his busy schedule to articulate these timeless truths.

We recommend watching them in the order they are posted, in order to gain maximum understanding about the subtleties described.  Dave goes from microphone selection and placement overviews to pedal usage to multitrack layering of guitar parts from both a sonic and an arrangement standpoint.  Buckle your seatbelts and enjoy!